What to Expect


What can I expect on a Sunday Service?

First, let’s talk about what NOT to expect:

-Perfect people

-Boring and unchanging services

-To leave the same way you came

Now here’s what you SHOULD expect:

Here at ACOG, we are one family knitted through God’s love. Because we believe in showing everyone this everlasting love, you will be welcomed by friendly hosts, who will greet you, show you where restrooms and water are available, and let you be seated where you like! You’ll be asked to fill out a visitor’s card and be presented with some information about our church!

At 10am, the congregation begins our service with brief prayer and praise. Then follows Adult Sunday School (taught by Pastor Campetella) , Children’s Church, Nursery, and a  New Converts Class, which last until 11am. After a brief intermission, the worship service begins around 11:15am.

After worship, we have guest speakers, missionaries, or ministers from our local assembly to preach a message that will change your heart and ignite your spirit for the week to come! After the preaching, there is always a chance to respond to the message and connect with God. Following the service is the opportunity for fellowship!

What about Thursday Night Bible Study? Thursday night Bible Study is a much more casual service. We start at 7:00pm with a time of worship and some announcements. Pastor Campetella will be teaching a very down-to-earth lesson that we can apply to our lives. Generally, the lessons are part of a series that connect and flow from one week to the other. We will end in time so you can make it home in time for some rest. We understand you are probably pressed for time, so please, dress casually. We will, too!


How should I dress? However you feel comfortable! Some people prefer to dress casually for church. Others lean toward “Sunday Best”. You will see suits, jeans, and everything in between. However you are attired, you will fit right in!

When should I arrive? We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can have a chance to meet you and help you get acquainted with the facilities. Many of us have small children or live further away, so if you’re running late, we understand! Our greeters will still be available to assist you.

What type of music do you play in your services? We enjoy an eclectic assortment of genres and styles in our worship services. You will hear hymns, songs you may have heard on the radio, popular worship songs, gospel songs, reviving praise songs, etc. Whatever the songs may be, be sure you’ll feel the Spirit in them!


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