Home Friendship (Cell) Groups

We all understand the challenges that daily life can present. Juggling work, family, chores and the list of responsibilities we regularly face can be a daunting task. Add in life’s little “surprises” that are sure to come and making time to grow ourselves can be difficult at best.

That’s what our cell groups are for; it’s an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and spend some time working on ourselves. Each week through your designated group, you’ll get a chance to connect with friends who are on the same journey you are. Each meeting begins with a time of prayer, followed by a brief and non-controversial Bible Study. We’ve designed it as a way to connect as a family and even offer a young adult cell group!


2014-07-08 18.14.32Generally, meetings are held on Tuesdays at either 6 or 7pm, depending on the group. It’s a great way to introduce your friends and family to Jesus in a casual, low-pressure setting. Let’s unplug, unwind, and grow together!1380671_10201252510808319_1559017687_n

Our cell group ministry is coordinated and led by Bro. John Mayfield, who lives in Satsuma, FL with his precious wife , Sis. Theresa! This dynamic duo truly understand the need for connection and fellowship!

We average about 3 cell groups (in 3 counties) as of now, but are quickly growing!


 RECENT PRAISE REPORT (5/26/15): “Our Palm Coast Home Fellowship Group met last night at “Mama Haughton’s” lovely home last night with a record-breaking attendance of FOURTEEN (3 being first-time visitors!). Two committed to joining us for service, one for an upcoming baptism, and God is working and moving in each meeting. Thanks to its leader, Sis. Roberta, and all the cooperating saints for keeping the fire ignited!”

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